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Zion Light Roast

Zion Light Roast is our HIGH ALTITUDE coffee grown in San Ignacio at an altitude of almost 1,800 meters. This light roast has a medium body and high levels of caffeine - flavorful with raspberry tones, a touch of brightness, and a sweet aftertaste. Growing coffee at higher elevations, typically above 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) has significant implications for the quality and characteristics of the coffee beans including flavor complexity, acidity and brightness, density and quality, pest and disease resistance, and uniqueness. Due to the altitude, unique microclimates, and rich soils, the beans amplify distinctive flavors and characteristics. Due to the cooler temperatures, the slower maturation process allows the beans to develop a more full flavor profile and to absorb nutrients more evenly through the bean. Growing coffee at higher elevations enhances the beans' complexity, acidity, density, and overall quality, leading to a superior bean.

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