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Who We Are

Our Story

WildFire Coffee Company was born from a shared love for humans and the world that we inhabit. We are four ordinary individuals, bound by a shared mission to make the world a better place and to give back when and where we can. Witnessing the aftermath of human-started wildfires sparked our desire to take action. WildFire Coffee Company was ignited soon after. Although we do provide exceptional coffee, we are not just a coffee company, we are a tribe. A group of people that help people, bringing fierce coffee to the table, while giving back to our beloved communities struggling to thrive in the aftermath of an unexpected disaster.

Core Values

Respect for Nature

We recognize the importance of our world and strive to protect it through our commitment to sustainable practices and rebuilding of landscapes impacted by disasters, such as wildfires.

Passion for Coffee

We are passionate about crafting exceptional coffee that not only tastes great and is high quality but also makes a positive impact on the world around us.

Community Engagement

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. We actively seek out ways to give back to those who support us. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, working together with organizations, suppliers, and other stakeholders to achieve our shared goals of protecting and preserving our communities, organizations, and landscapes.

Transparency and Accountability

We value honesty and transparency in all of our business practices, and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions.

Innovation and Creativity

We embrace new ideas and approaches to coffee-making and conservation, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate.

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